Amazing Girl Who Is Great In Bed And The Damn Sexiest Of The Sexy Baby!!!!

Aims To Please And Always Fulfills

Complete Class And Beauty
Wow look at that girl,shes definatley a Jodie
by bootycallxxxx October 27, 2008
Jodie is a positive person. she has her times when she gets angry but always will be there for friends and family . Jodie will always stick up for her best friends . She likes to have banta with somepeople . She doesn't lile people talking behind her back and wants a best friend who would stick up for her and know her for who she is . She also doesn't like people who pretend to be her friend , and people who pretend to be something she's not .

~This is Jodie be a nice friend to her ~
Jodie is a very person.
by Harleey December 13, 2017
a male or female who is used as a side chick while the other partner is on deployment or is in a time of service.
I think she is using him as a jody.
by AstroEMT June 15, 2019
The hypothetical man (often a sinister character who decided not to go to boot camp) that is doing your girlfriend/wife while you are on deployment overseas.
Ain't no use in goin home,
Jody's got your girl and gone.
Ain't no use in goin back,
Jody's got your Cadillac,
Ain't no use in feeling blue,
Jody's took your checkbook too.
by Sgt Apan March 31, 2006
The sexiest girl you will ever meet,
beautiful in every way! Belongs with someone beginning with a J , R or L.
Bright eyes with long brown locks. An amazing body what you cannot miss out on.

Overall a lovely girl !
wow who’s that”
i don’t know but she’s deffinatly a jodie
by geezermillwall123 May 29, 2018
A sexual position known for its intense orgasm and high rate of death by explosion in the female of the species.
Dave: ''I had sex last night with my bitch, and had a Jodie!''

Colin: ''Dude! what did your wife think about that!?''

Dave: ''Literally mind blowin!''
by sankblownigga August 31, 2008
person: what's ur name
jodie: jodie
person:ah ur a bad bitch then
jodie: yes I am
by suckmydix December 13, 2020