(rarely spelled as "jocktocracy")

A scholastic environment (usually college/university, sometimes high school) where sports/athletics are placed as the highest priority of “education”, above (often far above) all others. Sports/athletic participants (“jocks”) are viewed, by those in charge, as the greatest heroes of this environment. They are usually aware of this, and take unfair advantage of it – usually exerting unfair influence on non-jocks, and non-athletic instructors. Often, they get away with this more freely than others would. (This usually drags down the actual educational standards of the entire institution.)

Commercial work situations managed by rabid sports fans can have a similar situation.
Funding for math and science were cut, again, because this is a jockocracy.
by Lite Yagami July 27, 2008
An oppressive, totailitarian government of jock overseers that seeks to subjugate the less athletic for their own political gains.
by Nick O"Lantern June 8, 2007
College micro-society ruled by Abercrombie-and-Fitch wearing, baseball-cap-packing frat boys.
“Now, restaurant fail. Children go to state college. Serious students powerless against drunken jockocracy. Baseball hats everywhere.”
by tikaro October 27, 2003
when preppy retard jocks rule a school/a college/the world, and make the rest of us miserable and endlessly annoyed.
by taylor May 30, 2004