Someone practicing any given sport to impress rather than performing for glory and who usually has the I.Q. of his jersey's number.
You are a typical jock if you've been the star quarterback for more than six years in high school.
by Clutterbocks September 27, 2010
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Retarded person from a country that teaches incest at school
Look there goes a jock, inbred bastard
by Baggy trousers May 27, 2017
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A Scotsman - not to be confused with the ape-like creatures from America
Those Jocks up north...they are ruddy intolerable...
by Darkstar92 February 11, 2013
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An athletic person who usually lacks intellectual ability and treats others like second-class citizens. Different from athlete.
Bryce is such a jock, he only dates cheerleaders and struggles to keep a 2.0 GPA.
by OhRlly™ March 07, 2016
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A Jock is one of 23 social classes that are found in most High schools. They share similarities to the Douchebag and Athlete classes. To be classified as a Jock, they must compete/participate in a sport, however the amount of a skill a Jock actually has at said sport doesn't matter. A Jock must also derive a sense of superiority from playing said sport.

Jocks, unlike Douchebags, will more often ignore/exclude others as opposed to assault them directly. This is most likely because the Jock thinks that he has ascended to a higher plane of existence, and he need not bother with the common folk.

Jocks often seek out relationships based on: Outward appearance, popularity, and willingness to have sex.
"When the Jocks would go to the showers, I could actually hear the stupidity pinging off the walls."
by LetsClearThingsUp February 07, 2015
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One who plays sports very well.
"Contrary to most beliefs they are sometimes good in school and do not get all the women."
O-linmen are jocks with good grades.
by Nate February 27, 2004
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