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The Joblin is much like a Goblin, in terms of its horrible and feeble characteristics, except it takes the form of a human. You will always be able to find several in any large organisation. They are so corporate, they seem as if they are robots that have been programmed by the company.

They walk around with a glazed over look in their eyes repeating the party lines and never accepting any obvious issues. They will claim you're just negative when you point out obvious problems. They have no life outside of work, and wouldn't think twice about grassing you up for anything. You must be very careful if you find yourself working with a joblin.

There is no known way to defeat a Joblin, instead you must ensure you never express your true feelings about senior management, and make sure you work by the book.

Inevitably the Joblin will progress up the career ladder, and hire more Joblins. If this happens, your only choice is to find another job.
1."Did you tell Colin about the problems with that new procedure?"

"Yeah but he just said I was being negative"

"Oh he's such a Joblin"

2. Paul's had a go at me for being 1 minute late this morning, he's not even a manager"

"Ignore him he's a Joblin"
by Bowshank December 15, 2018
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