Ususlly a blank sheet of paper with a hole cut in the center. It implies that the paper is a portable glory hole and that the applicant is going to have to perform sexual favors to get the job. Alludes to the act of applying for a job at a strip club.

Also used as an insulting way of telling someone to get lost or that they are pissing you off and are not going to get what they want.
Joe: My ex came over to my house yesterday and wanted to get back together.

Dave: What did you do?

Joe: Gave her the Job Application then told her to fuck off.

Dave: hahahaha!
by killersbytrade May 10, 2010
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Something you say to companies when you are looking for a job and wish to apply.
'Are you taking job applications?' He said, with his resume in his hands.
by derulais July 24, 2022
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