Term originating from Bristol, UK, to describe ( sometimes in a derogatory fashion) a heavy metal fan or male with long hair
'Hey Dave, coming down The Hatchet tonight?'
' Fuck that, it'll be wall-to-wall with crusty jitters!'
by Carlos the barber May 1, 2014
One who wears clothes similar in fashion to skaters (eg: baggy trousers, hoodys or t-shirt over long sleeved top) and mainly listens to mainstream 'punk' music (i.e. blink182, sum 41) or rock music.

A jitter will often wear customised clothes and accessories, and believe themselves to be more individual than a trendy, however since most jitters are similar to each other, this isn’t necessarily the case.

Skill with a skateboard is optional however; owning at least one Tony Hawks Pro Skater game is mandatory.
"most of the jitter's hang out at the skate park"
by DaRk October 6, 2003
A very hot girl that uses the GameFAQs forums aka The Jitterbug. When she first came to the Maple Story board she pretended to be a guy, but in time people found out the truth. Though she was already popular before, the pictures of her skyrocketed her fame, and she is now even more popular before.

Some call her an attention hoar, but she has never used her looks to gain popularity yes,or any other forms of attention hoaring. Due to her popularity she is occasionally harassed by her stalkers.

She's also incredibly nice. :)

It's a known fact that every single one of Jitter's topics will turn to solid gold because she's a hot girl.
by John Delot June 21, 2006
A person who hops trains, spare changes outside of a punk gig to buy plastic bottle of whiskey, instead of supporting the local punk/crust show. Facial tattoos, dog on a shoelace, with spoons and utensils hanging from the belt. Violent at times and has names such as: Puke, Mutt, Spider, etc. Stinky, dirty punks that don't belong in the underground community due to their dodgy ways.
Damn, it's Jitter season cuz all the train hopper kids are here spanging for their whiskey and space bag of wine.
by Guise July 19, 2009
A Jitter is a slang word for Skater
Skater dont just wear "baggy" jeans they sometimes wear tight jeans and skate brands or band tee's and some sort of skate shoe they hardly ever skate in converse because it is extremely hard most wear etnies vans adio DC or dvs
They mostly listen to rock punk hardcore ska or screamo
A: Look at the jitters
B: I love that skaters deck
A: Me too, but they all listen to bands like Atreyu
by Ebo December 19, 2005
a type of emo or hippie kid. Used in the South as a term of slang to comment on ones dress/music taste.
aww you is a f**kin' jitter. Get out my trac'or.
by Emily Dixon February 25, 2006
some kid who wears really weird clothes and stripy socks and aint quite a goth but listens to rock music.
by Ash July 22, 2003