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The American Idiot of American Idiots and a Village Idiot
George W is an American and a Village Idiot.
by Andreasantoni May 13, 2008

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The village idiot from Texas named George W. Bush.
George W. Bitch makes Forset Gump look like a Ph.D recipient from Harvard U
George W is the American idiot of American idiots and the Village Idiot of Village Idiots.
by Andreasantoni June 12, 2008

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What Naruto calls Jiraiya-sensei during his moments of sexual perversion and doing his research for his new book Come Come Pardise.

See Come Come Paradise
Naruto: Hey pervy sage! Stop looking at the girls, get over here, and help me with my training!
by Andreasantoni May 23, 2008

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1.Who Naruto calls Pervy Sage.
2.A dirty old man, about 50yo.
3.The Author of Come Come Paradise(Icha Icha Paradise)
4.A disciple of the Third Hokage.
5.His fellow teammates were Tsunade and Orichimaru.
6.Minato Namikaze's leader
Pervy Sage Jiraiya is a dirty old man.
by Andreasantoni June 12, 2008

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A dance and antic when a dancer pulls his pants down to show his/her bare naked ass and dances

See Bare Butt Boogie

Derives from the anime Shin Chan
Shinosuke Nohara: Ladies and Gentlemen come buy a sasuage and see the dancing ass boy. Ass Dance, Ass Dance, woo woo!
by Andreasantoni May 24, 2008

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1. The presidental version of Jiraiya.
2. The best thing to happen since JFK.
3. The predicesor of the American idiot George W. Bush.
4. The president to get away with screwing an intern.
Bill Clinton: I did not have any sexual realtions with that woman Monica Lewinsky. But I'm wearing her underwear
by Andreasantoni June 16, 2008

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AKA Prok
The famous sex researcher. Born into a Christian Right household in HobokenNew Jersey. Didn't have sex or marry until 1920. Graduated from Brunswick with a Bachelors in Science in 1916. Graduated from Harvard U with a SciD in 1919. As a professor he studied gall wasps and taught the marraige course. He interviewed 18,000 people between 1935 and 1955. Died of Heart failure and Pnumonia in 1956. Godfather of the Sexual Revolution.
Professor Alfred Kinsey interviewed me about my sex history yesterday.
by Andreasantoni June 12, 2008

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