When a group of nerds jack off to their library books.
Einstein got horny but no vijajay for him, so he willl Jimmy Off to his library books.
by jgsteroid50 January 1, 2011
(Noun) A hypothetical person that you see as irrelevant who is bothering you in some way. Comes from the older version of the word "jerk", meaning an obnoxious person, but turned into a name.

Use similarly to "John Doe".
"Yo, why are you leaving 10 minutes before closing?"

"I got stuff to do, if Jimmy Jerk-Off comes in here and starts giving you shit, just tell him to fuck off."
by U735 December 12, 2021
a nickname for someone who masturbates all the time.
I caught James in the bathroom again, beating his meat as usual. Someone needs to tell jack-off Jimmy to find himself a bitch.
by Nick D May 2, 2003