adj. One who rides shotgun in a vehicle and yells out verbal insults to pedestrians walking about. It usually does not matter if the person they are yelling at is a new born infant, to an 82 year old women. Everyone is fair game. They do this to get their friends to laugh, since they acknowledge this to be funny, whereas the victims can be hurt, but usually have the understanding that Jikes are assholes and they get over it. (Jike, Jikes, Jiking, Jiked)
Tom: Dude, I went to the store to get some honey for my seasonal roast, and I got jiked...

Mike: Hahaha, you bitch!
by Killswitch Engange May 26, 2006
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This means that you are calling someone a jew and a dike which is a closet lesbian and looks like a man
That guy Drew is a total Jike!!
by Myballsurmouth January 24, 2011
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Also spelled 'Jyke', means to get a Handjob from a girl. The pronunciation stems from the way an old Jewish man would say the word 'Jerk.' Popular in select parts of Long Island
Joe: Hey girls, do one of you want to hook me up with a jike?
Girls: You're disgusting!

Joe: I saw you and that girl together before. Did anything happen?
Frank: Yeah man, I got a jyke.
by MC89 February 20, 2007
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Another name used for money.

I got mad jike in the bank.

Man i'm broke, can you spot me some jike?

by Xoltol November 02, 2007
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