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An extremely friendly Asian person. Jigmes are always there for you when you are feeling down. However, they can be a major cockblock at opportune times. When Jigmes are forced into an uncomfortable situation they can turn into complete assholes. They can be assholes at times, but in reality, they are just pussy-bitches.
Jodan: Where is he going?
Cyril: Is he scared?
Adrien: He waited in line for the ride attraction.
Paolo: He was going next
Alphonse: I guessed he pulled a Jigme.
Theo: That was a waste of time.
by Aren't scared of rides June 06, 2016
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An extremely amazing person, who is major cock block but is always friendly. Has Large glasses, and Beautiful black hair and can be a major asshole. Jigmes are the best Asian friends you could have
by Thatrandomguy98 January 11, 2014
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