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Word popularized by "The Rock" (Wrestler and Actor).
Meaning 1. Loser 2. Pretty much any other derogatory name you can likely think of.

Also used as: Jibronies
"If you mess with me, I will kick your Jibronie @ss"
by Angela A April 13, 2005
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it's what you would call a person who is a corn dog , or idiot . The type of person that tags along following the main popular guy , always supporting the main popular girl/ guy regardless of whatever stupid thing they may do.
by Lisa A. February 16, 2005
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A blind, homosexual guinea pig with lightning fast movements. It has razor sharp teeth and can eat through solid rock. It prefers to eat Orientals but because of its strange diet, it constantly fills itself up and is starving again in an hour. Sometimes it prefers the babies of meth addicts, but thats only as a special treat.
A jibronie just ate my baby!!!
by pa country boy November 19, 2011
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A halo player who is beyond horrible. The lack of skillz of a jibronie is so great, that an experienced player needs only use the melee attack to be victorious.
Hey Chris, lets go pwn some jibronies.
by Brian Gorham June 08, 2004
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The nameless characters in movies, shows, and books, but mostly in anime, who exist only to be killed by extremely powerful people to show off how powerful they are. Often people care less about the loss of jibronies as they do the power level of the person who kills them.
Holy crap, look at her killing all those jibronies, her power level must be OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAAAND!
by P!p! April 09, 2017
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