man...lets go jibbin' then later lets ride the half pipe
by ChubbyLove March 15, 2005
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A slang term for terrain park skiers. Terrain park - is an outdoor area that contains terrain that allows skiers and snowboarders to do tricks. (Usually man made) involving boxes, jumps and rails
Noun – Jibb

“Let’s go jib, I’m going to pull a 540 off the hip jump.”

Adjective - Jibbin

“hey man, did some sick jibbin today”
by Jibbin master 400 November 3, 2010
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The act of freaking out/twitching etc when stoned.
"Im Jibbin out here mate."

"Fuck, I'm Jibbin like a prize-winnin gibbon!!"
by prizewinningibbon November 27, 2008
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To pleasure oneself by the stroking of ones jib, usually while playing jibbin
guy 1: dude i jibbed for like 2 hours last night

guy 2: cool i was jibbin the whole english class
by Donnie Dumphy September 24, 2010
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boobs, tits, etc... created by Jordan C in order to talk about someone with large boobs without them knowing what you are talking about

Martin: I am wheeling Megan, eh.
Jordan: You just like her cause of her jibbins
Megan: What?
Martin: Shut the fuck up man!
Nice jibbins
what are you talking about?
by John Durrr July 18, 2009
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doing hard drugs (meth to be specifc)
i heard chris is jibbin it up tonite
by Janine December 10, 2003
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