A "Singlish" term that is used to describe something bad that has happened. Usually said in Southern Asia and Singapore. Also a voice line from overwatch's latest hero Echo.
Friend: What game are you playing
Me: Overwatch
Friend: Are you playing well?
Me. No
Friend: Why not?
Me: We have a Moira on our team.

Friend: That's Jialat. I feel bad for you
by FruitSalad2005 May 27, 2020
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When the situation reaches an epic proportion of ridiculousness equivalent to a k-drama, use Jialat bibimbap.
Word created after watching “The Penthouse war in life”. This drama has too many jialat bibimbap moments
Siao liao lor now jialat bibimbap already.
by Human1000 January 20, 2022
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