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Jewsury used to mean charging any interest at all on loans. However, as even more jews became lawyers (and other so-called "occupations" that are committed to ripping the Goys off), "interest" became acceptable. After it became acceptable (remember, according to lawyers it was acceptable...yes, the jews leading the jews so to speak), "jewsury" referred to charging unreasonable rates of interest.
Today the term "jewsury" also includes other tricks to rip others off financially, such as the "derivatives" that served no other purpose than to make money for zionists while bringing the goyem further under their thumbs.

We see other obvious examples every single day. The outrageous interest rate and "late fees" charged by credit card companies (aka the same banks we all bailed out) is Jewsury in all its pickle-nosed glory.
by Denny2 August 05, 2010
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