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A Jewlatto is a mixed Jew (ethnicity wise); from "mulatto." A jewlatto is someone who is of mixed Jewish ethnicity/race, usually half.

It's meaning and construction is similar to "Halfrican."

Does not pertain necessarily to Judaism (the ancient and traditional religion of Jews), but rather to a person's ethnic/racial heritage.
Lin Goldberg is a Jewlatto...she is half Jewish, half Chinese.
by A.J. Wassermann February 21, 2007
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Jewlatto (not really derogatory, nickname) : Usually refers to a person who is half black, half Jewish (white). Contraction of Jewish + Mulatto=Jewlatto
Lenny Kravitz, Lisa Bonnet and Rashida Jones are famous Jewlattos.
by DizizEgyptiancottonmothafok March 04, 2010
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