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A person named Robert who is a Jew who shows a lot of Jewish stereo types (cheap or greedy, Butt of a lot of jokes between friends).
boy1: hey what's Jewbert doing 2nyte???
boy2: i don't know Jewbert is probly hanging out with some Skeezers!!!
by T-Hug January 14, 2013
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One who expresses a variety of semitic/jewish tendencies (greedy and cheap) and is generally disliked by those he hangs out with.
"Hey Nathan can I get a ride home?"

"Um, I'll need some gas money"

"You want gas money? I live half a block away you fucking jewbert"
by Charter Smith May 13, 2006
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A name for an annoying person who practices Judism and plays video games all day. A fusion between the words Jew and Q*Bert.
I want to play Half-Life 2, but that guy's too busy being a gay little Jew-Bert and won't stop playing Shrek 'n Roll!
by CoffeePot247 December 26, 2009
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A Jew who has bought heavily into the corporate Lifestyle. A Jewish office rat. A Jewish executive.
I did ask Jay out for golf but he's busy this weekend teaching sensitivy training. He's not even getting paid time and a half. What a Jewbert.
by Gentleman John December 26, 2008
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A sexy Jewish man who is often a freshman in highschool. He has big bicepts and he has a penis that is at least 7 inches long. Often, he gets the most ass in the whole high school even though it seems completely impossible. Don't doubt the Jew.
What happened to that senior Erica, she is walking funny today. Jewbert happened.
by hotblonde1234 October 21, 2010
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