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A cave in which jews hide their money so it isn't stolen. They are often located at the end of a rainbow. Not the end with a leprechaun, the other end. Legend says that if a Jew's cave is discovered, they jew gets its nose chopped off and is abandoned at sea by other jews.
Wow, Daniel is such a pussy. He's so afraid of losing his nose that he won't tell me where to find his jew cave. What a loser.
by papa slav December 08, 2009
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A secret cave that Cartman and other Anti-Semites believe the Jews use to hide their cash and other treasure. From South Park Episode 1303
"Where did the money go? The answer is obvious my friends. It is the Jews! Covetous Jews, who have taken all our money and hoarded it for themselves. And hidden all the cash in some secret Jew Cave that they built, probably back in the early 60’s…" (S.P. Ep.1303)
by Johnny Neumonnic May 27, 2009
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A very well hidden cave with a very small entrance that members of the Jewish religion hide in when faced with adversity. Jew-Caves can be built anywhere by a skilled Jew and/or drunk Mexican. The contents of a Jew-Cave are usually 6-23 Jews, a jar of Vaseline, and large amounts of Apple Butter. Jews can survive months in a well built Jew-Cave.

This word can also be used to describe any tightly packed hiding spot.
Guy 1: Hello good sir, may I ask what you are constructing?

Guy 2: A Jew-Cave, bitch!

Saddam Hussein hid in a Jew-Cave for months hiding from the U.S. Army, thus proving the efficiency of Jew-Caves.
by Sam T. Baker December 30, 2010
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A home of many many jewish people in which the jews feed of of each others money.
I was on my way to school the other day, and i went past this huge jew cave, and i could smell the money being cooked.
by skeety-doop April 24, 2009
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