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A.K.A. a Payot. A Hebrew word for curly sidelocks. Means against shaving the corners of one's head.
Jeff: "Whats with the curly sideburns?"
Royce: "What? My Jew Locks? They are my fashion statement"
by phrezur_burn January 20, 2010
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Where two people are in a deadlock over who will pay the bill at a restaurant. This does not occur by the persons disagreeing over who should pay, but rather by the reluctance of either person to be the first to reach for their wallet.
Joel and Shelley have just had lunch at a local vegetarian restaurant. When the bill comes Joel disappears to the bathroom. As he returns he is disappointed to see that Shelley has not already put her credit card or cash on the bill tray.

Joel and Shelley then sit awkwardly at the table in a Jew-Lock, neither wanting to be the first to offer to pay.
by J_Ghomo May 30, 2013
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A Jewlock is a crossbreed between a Jew and a Pollock.
A Jewalasik
A Jewish man and a Polish woman have a Jewlock for a son.
by Neighbor of a Jewlock February 03, 2010
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Braided sideburns that are twisted and ugly like the people that invented them. Or a Decorative ornamant you hang on your front door in the shape of a swastica or Hitler figure that wards off those dirty unwanted ones...
by Gart Darley November 09, 2007
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Dreadlocks on the head of a dirty Jew. Dirty stinky hair braided into large clumps.
Gage: Dude, I am totally getting some jewlocks tommorow. I am getting my Mexican Butt Buddy Jose Gonzalas to do them for me.
John: Fag!!! JEW!!!
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