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To achieve something so godly or rare that in your moment of victory you expel the very spirit of Jesus Christ all over your opponent or obstacle.
OMG! Did you SEE that bicycle-kick goal?? That dude totally Jesus'd all over the keeper.
by BlarhgMan February 26, 2009
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To have been severely thrashed,damaged, or beaten far beyond the level of necessary punishment. This word is to used in conjunction with the term "eem"; "eem" being a substitution for the pronoun "him/her". Derived from the excruciating beating Jesus received.
KC: Yo, you heard about what happened to Suge?

Keith: Nah, what the fuck happened?

KC: Suge got knocked the fuck out on the Strip in Vegas by some bol.

Keith: I dont believe that shit

KC: For real, bol laid eem the fuck out!

Keith: Damn, he Jesus'd eem!!!
by KC & KC July 21, 2008
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