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the overwhelming feeling of Jesus,Faith,Religion,Happiness,Epicness, indescribable crazy hyper high huggable jumpy awesome feeling that one may get from a retreat, ministry meeting, gathering of ministries of people of faith, or just about any place in which faith God etc. is involved.
kay:"Jesus one Jesus one lets all have some Jesus fun. Jesus two Jesus three lets all climb the Jesus tree. Jesus four Jesus five lets all do the Jesus Jive. Jesus six Jesus seven lets all fly to Jesus heaven. Jesus eight Jesus nine stop its Jesus time. Hold up. Wait a minute. Hold up. Wait a Minute. Hold up. Wait a minute. Now let's put some Mary in it!"

jay:"yeh kay just got back from ylc and is on a total Jesus High."

kay:"hug time!!!"
by Mary Therese the fairy July 10, 2008
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The act of being so high off of marijuana that you actually believe you can walk on water and shit like that.
Guy 1: duuuuuude...
Guy 2: Shit man, you are JESUS high!
by James Michaels November 15, 2009
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