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An excited way of saying Yes, in a very spanish immigrant accent.
Jes, Jes, Rice and Beans.
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- n. a nickname for a girl that is very cute, possibly one you want to bang.

- v. another word for blitz or dump, when a skateboarder falls off his or her board in a rather painful fashion.
- "Hey girl did i ever tell you how much of a jes you are?"

- "Dude! did you see me back there? i totally jesed!"
by coolxkid August 05, 2007
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How a mexican says yes, also simply a better way of saying yes; best if used as a single word in an answer.
Person A: Did you see that guy?
Person B: Jes
by Mojocrazy October 12, 2009
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Jes is a boys or mens name.

Sometimes related to the Danish newshost and journalist, Jes Dorph-Petersen.

Someone who's usually strongly oppinunated.

Not to be confused with a way of saying "Yes" or shorting down a name.
"We're going to do a microphone check, Jes."

"Don't eat the cat's food, Jes!!"
by SuperAlterEgo July 06, 2009
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a better, funnier way of saying yes, preferably with a slight lisp
Teacher: Did you finish your work John?
John: Jes i did Mrs. Teacher!
by Mojomaniac October 11, 2009
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A person who enjoys stealing, killing, and burning a person's stuffed seal, like she did to mine
That bitch just totaly jesed in her back yard!
by Sulliman March 04, 2009
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1. A very fat person.
2. A unit of measurment
man, that bitch was like two jes's. What a fat cow.
by anonymous_111 February 14, 2007
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