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A self made man that has the morals of a philosopher and is usually smarter than most people in the group, but likes to act like a 3 year old. Usually has a lot of money and likes to quote things a lot until people get annoyed or start saying it themselves.
Jerrett: I'm a changed man!
David: Shut up Jerrett
Jerrett: Hey David, I'm a changed man!
David: I'm a changed man, dang it i pulled a Jerrett!
by TheIllusiveMan July 06, 2010
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A fun guy who can sometimes be teasing, has beautiful eyes and gives great hugs. He also smells very good. Easily to fall in love with, and makes a good friend and boyfriend. Tries hard to never hurt others is very smart, looks serious but is completely opposite and has a killer stare and sounds very sarcastic. Very strong, can be a model and looks like a rockstar. Really great eye-candy. Talented in every way, doesn't get mad or annoyed easily.
Girl: Oh. my. gosh. Look at him work the room... He's a definite Jerrett!
by Chikai July 10, 2010
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Jerrett is a retarded fat-ass that loves to sit in his chair the entire day playing video-games. He obsesses over dirtbikes and computer parts he could never afford. He gets angry only at video-game related topics. He usually will never find a wife and will come out as gay in their forties when they have lost all hope.
Kid 1: "Hey did you see Jerrett today?"
Kid 2: "yeah he was looking as retarded as always"
Kid 1: "yeah what a loser"
by Wunked June 02, 2018
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