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A very deep person who can appear shallow or careless on the exterior, and exposes to only his/her closest friends who he/she truly is.
I had no idea you were so caring, you're a real Jerad.
by "Kit" Kat Lewtras February 03, 2009
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the awsomest guy ever. Hes greater then Chuck Norris. He has a really big afro. A really big penis and has magical fingers that will give u multiple orgasms and eyes just by looking at them give u multiple orgasms. The Blackest Gheutoest person ull ever meet. Hes a fun guy who wont go to far if u dont want to but will go the distance for hours at a time. Can get back on the saddle in only minutes.
Jerad- The guy that took ur girl friend and everyone elses.
by Black Man Fro August 02, 2010
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Jerad is a neat guy. He has a small pecker but his boyfriend says he knows how to use it. He enjoys toes and feet.
Guy 1: Ou I want Jerads tiny piece
Guy 2: he can suck my toes anytime
by Albanian spy March 27, 2018
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Often a Nigger but has his white moments. He’s a cool guy which makes up for his microscopic penis. Jerad’s like spending time with his boys tickling there feet.
Boy: “ you know jerad?”
Girl: “No, why? Who is he?”
Boy: “oh, he just tried to tickle my feet in the park
by Baddie Annie March 26, 2018
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