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Doing something so epic, that only a master of jediness can pull it off, Usually describe as something that is epic but has a completely surprising ending, but always ends in "IM JEPIC" Can be used a adjective.
Pulling something jepic such as, punching lights in a house then running away and screaming im jepic, or eating all the food in someones house then puking it up and falling asleep. going to a party and break the cabniets.
by DisasterDylan364 July 27, 2010
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Something that is Jedward epic, or considered to be Jedwardly epic.
Oh my God its Tara Reid, she's Jepic!

aahhahah that was Jepic!
by Mr.Ginger Mark October 25, 2011
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Jepic is a cross between Jedward and epic. Jepic is the highest state of awesomeness. It takes extreme sill to become jepic.
Carl: Wow that man is so awesome! He just did a triple backflip!
Elle: He is so awesome! I proclaim him jepic!
by JEPIC! September 25, 2013
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