Jenny McCarthy killed over a 1000 children by saying vaccines cause autism, as a result parents didn't vaccine their children, leading to their death.
by dan419 May 10, 2015
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An aggressive very well built late middle aged woman who is rather an idiot.
My God. This nightclub is wall to wall Jenny McCarthys.
by Louie^2 September 30, 2017
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Hottest woman on the planet can make men penis explosion that how hot she is
Jenny McCarthy wins
by Kingofdick May 11, 2021
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blonde "celebrity" known for frequently posing naked in playboy magazine. She was extensively marketed as the "next big thing" (read- shoved down people's throats by that entertainment industry), much as paris hiltonis today, with some entertainment/ celebrity news magazines devoting a whole page to a "Jenny-O-Meter" indicating just how popular she was that month.

Fortunately that faded fast, aided somewhat by her lack of acting talent, and now all she can do is occasionally take her clothes off.

An appropriate treatment for those addicted to reading celebrity news magazines, however, is shotgun suicide.
Playboy's centerfold, was, once again, jenny mccarthy. the repo man must have been about to repossess her double-wide again...
by iman al-koholik December 24, 2004
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