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Nick-name given to a very rare and special form of Jennifer. This particular breed of Jennifer is recognized for their tendency to don a moogle hat and scarf while running off to travel the world, teaching German children and taking amazing pictures to add to the chronicles of her travels. To date, there is only one known Jennifar currently at large in the world.

The Jennifar is terribly creative. A brilliant writer and talented sketch artist, she is gifted with the powers of the Goddess Grammatica, whose mantle she took up while working as a lowly writing aid to many college students desperate for a guiding light, a savior to show them the path to enlightened use of the English language. It is a burden, but she manages to continue to tolerate our less-than-divine grammatical utterances.

Alternative species of Jennifar have been thought to have been discovered, but forensic evidence indicates that these are all actually the same Jennifar following a migratory pattern around the east coast of American continent and the western regions of the European continent and its associated island nations. Thus the other forms of nomenclature used to identify the Jennifar are listed here as follows: Jennifar, Jenster, Jenasaur, Jenni, or simply Jen.

Though outwardly prickly, Jennifar's are actually quite sweet to those who work to win and keep their trust. They guard this knowledge jealously, however, and will respond with snark or a paralyzing gaze when threatened.
Set Extra #1: "...was that girl wearing a paper mustache and posing for a picture?"
Set Extra #2: "What? Where?"
Set Extra #1: "No, there! I saw one! It was definitely a Jennifar!"
Set Extra #2: "We're switching you to decaff."

Jenasaur: "Rawr!"
Friend of Jenasaur: "Rar?"
Jenasaur: "Mrar rar rawr." *hug*
Friend of Jenasaur: "Mrrr."

"That girl is really far away. I really miss my Jennifar." - attributed to Lizzi
by 8Dgzwho May 12, 2010
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