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Illness associated with one waiting for information via internet or phone. Classic symptoms include, but not limited to,
1. Looking at the phone with head tilted to the right
2. Looking at the phone with head tilted to the left
3. Checking phone for dial tone
4. Logging into insurance sites to check status
5. Logging into message board to vent
6. Pacing in front of phone and/or computer
7. Tapping the phone or computer
8. Hitting the refresh button
9. Looking through calendar and counting days
10. Realizing you may have missed the phone ringing because you checked the phone for a dial tone (see symptom #3), so you check your voice mail.
11. Repeating all of this hourly... possibly half hourly...
*checks phone for 100th time that hour*

Nicole has Jenelleritis?
by Elocin Williams August 17, 2007
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