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A loving, fun, and spontaneous girl who will find a way to make you laugh even on your worst days. She always looks hot in anything, because of her voluptuous breasts! She is someone that everyone loves because of her wonderful and humorous personality! She is one of the funniest and caring friends you could ever meet. :) e
Jenavieve would be the perfect girlfriend and friend!
by Musicalyssa October 18, 2010
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jenavieve is just simply gorgeous. she has has a 10/10 sense of humor and can make you laugh really easily. she says "fuck you" after almost every single thing that comes out of her mouth. calls herself ugly a lot (even tho her social media is like, filled, with pictures of,, herself) was that tumblr 'rawr xD' kid that came through with a huge glo up + doesn't listen to like, anybody. but like, she's just a 10/10 person that any/everybody would love to have in their life
someone: damn jenavieve is hot
someone else: right
by pohsbsjsksnjsoso669 June 04, 2017
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