In spanish, is the equivalent to the pronunciation of "Hello".
Jelou, jau ar yu (Hello, how are you)
Am fain, zenc yu (I'm fine, thank you)
by IDK what pseudonym to use November 22, 2020
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A name for a nice and handsome guy. Sometimes a guy as handsome as he is can't handle his looks but then this guy will love you more than as you expected.
Hello, Jelou nice to see you looks like your sick.
by borrowereye January 9, 2010
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A person who is very Embarrassed but also aware of his/hers mistakes (Grammar for example)
Person A: That man is very Jelous.
Person B: What makes you think that?
Person A: He spelled Jealous wrong.
by KBPv's Homeowner February 5, 2022
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A inconscient bitch of her own ridicule and of really facts. She is worthless, but thinks that is desirable for men and goes often (due to her high libido) to social market make victims. Of course she only gets leftovers, authistic men, low life's, losers who end up with this fat escalade in a dress. The more ridiculous is the fact that she thinks that she is doing something Investisting in social life.

Plus, this mediocre, jelous and laz human, often bullies and atackes beautiful, slim, hot, tall, firm women, randomly in the street, with her code words. Always cowardly.

They feel this need in order to feel less inferior. But the fact is that they don't accept reality!
Look, a FJAW change her direction to come and attack us! That's a Fat Jelous Atacker Woman!
by Defender9020 August 27, 2023
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