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A really awesome girl that people love to be around, chill, fun, goofy, but also a beautiful person on the inside and out
Jelissa is my best friend
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Jelissa is a perfect girl. Known for her awesome personality and how compassionate she is towards their crush. She's gorgeous and funny. She gives great hugs and is a good kisser. They are perfect
ooh, I really like Jelissa
by YouKnowWhoIAm...Jelissa January 27, 2015
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Jelissa's are the greatest people you would meeet. Their bold and sassy just like they're meant to be. Their very interested in music and whatever dance but mainly hip hop. They love laughing and love making people laugh and you would have the greatest time with them.
Person 1: oh theres jelissa let's go say hi!
Person 2: no, I'm jealous of her everyone loves her me and naba are jealous
by Alec Fleisher October 26, 2016
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Daring, playful, and curious, a Jelissa loves to mess with people's heads and make them blush as much as possible. A Jelissa likes to wander her home naked quite often when alone or in the company of those she deems worthy! She is fiercely compassionate, loyal, and a total freak in the sheets!!! Known for reckless vocal abandon...If it's the's a Jelissa!
That noise is way too Jelissa!
by SacredBlasphemy January 11, 2014
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Jelissa is a kind-hearted, beautiful, talented, and caring girl. She loves to paint, dance, sing, and play ukulele. She has a weird, but unique, sense of humour. She has an awesome obsession of birds and caves put together. She likes to work as a team and she likes to ride horses and feed them hay. Jelissa is the best twin in the whole world. She is a best friend. The guy who ends up with Jelissa is the luckiest person on earth.
I am glad Jelissa is my twin!
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