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Jeina's are cute, warm, and quite bootylicious. They have a way of warming you to the core with a smile or a laugh. They love to talk and have lots of cool shit to say, but it's important to try and stop a Jeina at some point because they WILL go on forever.

adjective form: Jeinistic.
I'm going to the bar to find me a Jeina tonight, brah!

Damn girl I have never met a girl as Jeinistic as you are.
by St. Aaron February 03, 2010
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A Jeina has a laleidoscope personality. Meaningit changes all the time. One minute she could be the happiest person evr, the next she could look ready to kill someone. She has black hair and light brown eyes. Jeina keeps emergency supplies everywhere. She is a fast runner. She loves teasing her friends with their ships, but will defend them at anytime when things start getting messy. Most men will crush or like a Jeina but are most likely scared of them.
Boy1: Dude don't make Jeina mad or she will murder you!
Boy2: She wouln't! *GULP* would she?
Jeina: You bet I would!
by Talia Von Sypersteel December 02, 2018
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