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It may look like it's just Jeff, but misspelt with two g's, but it's so much more. Jegg is only for the mentally enlightened, nobody with a small mind can comprehend the sheer complexity of Jegg. To Jegg is to live and to live is to Jegg. Jegg and life are closely intertwined, without Jegg humanity couldn't survive. Jegg is what drives us forward. Our holy lord Jegg helped us build the pyramids, Jegg gave us the tools necessary to farm and to make civilizations, Jegg made all of the world's empires into what they are, Jegg still guides us forward. Name Jegg
Girl - He is perfect
Boy - He must be called Jegg
by SpatsirkTheJegg May 26, 2018
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you are full of rubbish and full of gass
describing something that is rubbish or bad
You talk a whole looad of jeggs fam
My day was jegged up man
You jegged up my day
by ashlee shanice February 26, 2011
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an insulting name meaning stupid or clumsy
Nice going, Jeggs! This stupidity brought to you by, JEGGS!
by Special_K February 14, 2003
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