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Scottish slang phrase meaning to leave the premises.
"This underpass is to cold man, im jeesting" "Aw shit the alarm grab the bucks lets jeest
by The mento bawbagger November 15, 2016
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-Great or amazing.-
Mutated from the word "Beast" by North East England alternatives to take the piss out of chores (charvas, townies, really the idiots that hang around on street corners drinking and smoking asking for 10 pence for the busie all night)...
Ah man, that movie last night was a jeest!
by Naoko Karou September 21, 2004
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Replacement for saying jesus from the spoonerised version of jesus christ, "chrisus jeest". Often paired with the ironic use of heckin
Heckin jeest man this heckin sucks
by Makaierino September 15, 2017
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