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A very beutiful girl, she is perfect, flawless, and one of a kind. Every thing about her is perfect. She is a funny person, she likes to laugh alot. She also plays around alot. She is also very smart and intelligent. She likes to read and always does her work. She is a good girl and will most likely go far in life. She is not very easy to get, you have to work hard for her, but it's worth it in the end. She is not easy to make sad or mad. She doesn't like it when her friends are sad. She will help you if you need it, and she is always there for you if you are nice. She doesn't really like people who are mean or rude. She can also be childish a time, but we all are every once in a while. There is nothing to not like about her. She is very talented. She is artistic, likes music, and likes to sing, she is very good and these things too. She should be treated nicely. She is beutiful, perfect, flawless, and one of a kind no matter what, and nithing can change that. She is very nice and will help you if you need it. Also if she thinks you are sad or if she did something to hurt you she will try to help or most likely apologize. She will accept apologies unless it is something to bad. She also has a very nice name. She is a very great girl to have in your life.
"Jazzmyn is very beutiful"
"Well I could disagree"
"What why"
"Because she is way more ten very beutiful"
by Person692849 June 04, 2016
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A very pretty girl. Artistic and good at anything she tries, but a slacker. Will probably go nowhere in life. ADHD and slightly OCD. Laughs alot but is secretly depressed. Great sense of humor, fantastic legs. Goes through boyfriends like nailpolish colors. Loves classic rock and is slightly more mature than she should be, although she loves children's toys, books, and movies. Reads a lt of thick chapter books. Highly intelligent. Amazing personality. Slightly abusive.
Teacher 1: "what's your opinion on this student?"
Teacher 2: "well, she's such a jazzmyn. She's so smart, but she never does her work."
Art Teacher: "I think she's great!!!!"
by MaxineSilver June 04, 2011
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the coolest chick ever and will be the winner of american idol 2008 also scares allie's
did you see jazzmyn on american idol?!
by allieboooooo May 07, 2007
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