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Beautiful young lady who can be kinda crazy but lovesss to have fun. She very pretty and will make you stare at her once you look at her. She’s very caring and a great girlfriend who is usually interested. She’s very sexy (very,very sexy) and has a heart of gold
1.) wow I need Jazleen
by Cookiesarecute May 13, 2018
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A sweet girl that has a fulfilling heart and would make u laugh,and will make your day she might be rude but she a good person anybody would fall in love with her she amazing!
by Queen bee1 May 24, 2018
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a ugly ass whore who think she knows everything and she has a uni brow and she cheats on everyone and gets at everyone.a pothead,crack head caca head and so on.
wow jazleen is such a whore.!!
by jazleen quiroz July 30, 2016
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