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A sexual act in which a male wears a bandanna on his forearm, and proceeds to fist a female up to his elbow. The female then wears the bandanna on her head as she leaves the location.

Named after Jaymaker himself.
"I can't believe Brian gave Sally the Jaymaker. She is such a slut."
by Murder in the Face August 17, 2008
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A Jaymaker is similar to a joint... only it's about a million times bigger, and rolled using pages of the Bible.

It is so large that any individual who would attempt to toke on the Jay would be knoked unconcious, as if they had experienced a Haymaker to the face from God.
Jimmy lifted the Jaymaker towards his face, his friends and family stood in awe. Before he put it to his lips he prepared himself with a final exhale then lifted it ever so gently closer and perched his lips around it. He took just a small toke to start with, holding the smoke in his lungs for just a moment before he exhaled again.

And as he exhaled a chill could be felt throughout the galaxy. And all over the world people stopped in amazement, Goosebumps ran down the spine of every woman and child, and a single sound could not be heard. Jimmy’s friends and family stumbled backwards as a holy glow began to surround him. Everywhere people’s heads turned to the sky as dark ominous clouds which once rued the Earth began to part and the sun shone brightly upon the people and the land.

And as the clouds parted and the light became brighter sound was swiftly returned to the land as the people began to murmur, they were afraid of the light so they hid from it and, and as they hid it slowly it continued to grow until finally it stopped. And like a flash of lightening it shot down from the sky and hurled towards the Earth, falling like a comet.

As it fell it appeared to get smaller, Jimmy could see it clearly from his room, but to him it seemed to be getting larger. It was speeding towards him like a magnet to metal until finally it was right in front of him. It was God’s hand. And before Jimmy could even try to move it struck him in the face and knocked him the fuck out.
by JayLaSoul January 11, 2011
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