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A girl with a name based off of the name Jael in the Bible. She has probably been homeschooled for most of her life. Jayel is extremely talented and has an obsessive love for Koreans. Jayel is very skilled in artistic areas and has a very sad childhood, even though she doesn't want to trouble anyone by explianing it. Jayel is extremely beautiful and intimidates all of the girls around her even though she isn't all that interested in dating and isn't mean at all.

Jayel is a very loving and concearned friend. You can trust her with your secrets. She is a very loyal friend and tends to get attached to people. She is extremely commited to her crushes and is very picky when it comes to trusting guys with her heart.

Jayel gets very frustrated when people get her name confused with jail... but it's been happening all her life. She will love you if you read it correctly this first time though.

Jayel alsp tends to be very random and enjoys creeping people out... it's sort of a game for her. She doesn't do it because she's actually crazy.
Dude, Jayel is so pretty, but she only notices that nerd that she's been crushing on for forever.

My name is JAY-EL. Not Jayla or Jail!
by Himeka July 05, 2011
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Such a sweet, beautiful girl. I love her with all my heart and I will love her forever. She is my baby, and I love her a lot. She is obsessed with Asians, but in the most adorable way. Her lemonade is the best stuff on the planet. :D :D :D
Jayel, I can't come up with a not dirty word to describe how awesome your lemonade is!!!
by prettysparklypink July 28, 2011
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