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Jawn n. Slang. Region: Greater Philadelphia. (jôn) 1. Any object, being or entity. Used particularly in reference to a physical object which is either difficult for the speaker to describe or in cases where the word used to describe the object in question is much longer than the one-syllable "jawn."
-- "You know, that *jawn* that that originated in 19th-century Britain in opposition to proposals for the disestablishment of the Church of England." antidisestablishmentarianism

-- "Boom, yo i got a crazy idea how to do clarks now. Check it out, boom, this how you freak em, boom. You go get you go get the cream *jawns* right? boom ... any color you want. But it'd be like, blue and cream, yaknowhati'msayin?"

-- "Pass me the *jawn.*"
by Monzai June 16, 2011
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