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Jaspa has the biggest dick ever he has sex with all of his friends girlfriend. Everyone likes him and he is slick asf no one messes with him cause they will get a hiding and he is the at basketball when hes goes places all the girl kneel down to him and such him off anywhere like all the girls will join and everything he is an OG and you should add him on sc jaspa_manga he is the life of the party as soon as he comes and chucks his phone in the aux he turns up the party cause he has all the mean song noone has as good of songs as he does he has a six pack and so nice and he is hot and his eyes arent chingy.
Girl: omg jaspa its so big

Girl2: yeah i know lets carry on
Girl3:do you know where cheating on our boyfriends

All the Girls: its alright they mess with him
Jaspa: nice girls its so good
All girls:We Know
by SwagBoy4435662463 September 27, 2017
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A boy who likes to play basketball but very sucks he thinks he's better than every one else but he's not
I'm jaspa im a really good basketball player 'when gets home'
'Shoots the ball' misses 199907 times
by Jejeejjeje April 22, 2017
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