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A person with poised sassiness that cannot be touched. It may be in her walk, her talk, or her looks, but there is no doubt it means she owns the room and has that natural charisma. She has swagger, and dominates in life. Although her hands may be a bit cold at times, she has a warm heart, and her kiss is passionate and perfect. She is usually a brunette with long hair. Can be very witty and intelligent and athletic too when she feels like it. There is always a gorgeous smile on her face, and her laugh is really sweet. She never gives one a hard time.

Jas means the best, and meet means friend in Punjabi. She is basically one's best friend.
person 1 - Wow, she's like a goddess!

person 2 - yeah, she's a Jasmeet

I love my best friend! She's my Jasmeet
by amannie_613 May 18, 2010
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A lovely girl who always thinks bright. She cares for her souroundings. Her friends are bright and smart.
by jhosy February 27, 2015
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He's just a straight up savage, he doesn't care about what other people think and everybody's likes him. He is very brave and is always helping people. He's handsome and really smart. He has a shlong and can fuck yo bitch
That guy is so cool and fucked my bitch, he's a Jasmeet
by Puttjattande April 24, 2017
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a man who is very gangster and considered to be extremely awesome.He is also very sexy and loved by everyone.
That jasmeet is so gangster, i wanna sex him
jasmeet loves everyone
by G.G.B January 13, 2011
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Person who is very dumb, and is not true to his words. He acts gangster but is really a cunt dumbass bitch. He is a low life who hates his family
That guy hates his family and is trying to look gangster, he is def a Jasmeet
by Rosh123 August 29, 2011
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Loser who doesn’t say sorry
He is a jasmeet , he loves to think he is strong
by Guyydue September 17, 2018
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Another term for gasti which means hoe in some Indian languages
Once that girl was stripping. I knew she was a jasmeet.
by Lkjm May 15, 2019
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