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Jaslen is one badass motherfucker. She’s a fucking an amazing ass friend. She’s a ride or die. She loves sucking dick, (don’t worry ladies, she loves eating pussy too). She’ll fuck someone up if they mess with her or the people she cares about. She only loves, no hatred. She’s a motherfucking champion at sex and she’s good at it. When you see a Jaslen, you better hold on to her and not let go before someone takes that shit, cuz her shit’s bomb as fuck. Anyways, that’s my definition of a Jaslen, peace out fuck heads.
Jaslen is a motherfucking queen.
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Jaslen is a good looking goddess and is very shy and loves making friends she also loves being in her phone but bot as much as being with her Besties and she can get any guy she wants. She is also the most weirdest, crazy and fun girl you will meet.
Oh my gosh she made the whole class laugh she's such a Jaslen
by MelanieMartinez83! December 01, 2017
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