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The cutest, funniest, kindest, nicest, and the most desirable guy in this world!
Jarin, you shouldn't look up funny words in this dictionary.
by Icy May 16, 2004
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The coolest,nicest,handsomest guy around the world. However he is often confused of his own feelings.He is confident suave and funny. He is admired by most and feared by some. He is known as rebellious yet loyal. They are the coolest people you can meet and will be. If you had the choice to meet a god or Jarin you would definitely pick jarin. Also All jarins are superior entirely to all Jacobs and Logans and any name starting with a B
by MachoMan2005 October 25, 2016
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The feeling you get in your butthole after pooping a lot.

Also known as acid bung.
I got diarrhea from some tacos and now have some major jarin.
by uofubry November 02, 2009
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Kid who just wants to be normal, except wants to be the best at one thing and one thing only.
I wanted to be a jarin today, i was just so crowded by people that i wanted to hide my face
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by TruthsBeTold... March 07, 2017
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