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Jarilyn is a fun blonde girl. She always seems to be having fun. She will make you laugh not even trying to, she is a very goofy person. There is two sides to her and if you get on the bad side then you are stuck there if you are on her good side then she is a loyal friend always helping you out. She is a very beautiful girl but thinks that she that is wrong and thinks down of her self and does not care if anyone tells her differently she has always been that way. If you tell her something and she thinks your wrong and she is right she is very sassy but can’t be a very nice person if she likes you. She is very Athletic and enjoys many sports. She is a great person

#loyal #fun #beautiful #sassy
Boy #1 Wow, you is that hot girl playing soccer

Boy #2 oh, that’s jarilyn you will never get a chance will her

Boy #1 why, how

Boy #2 because she has a whole line of boys waiting for her and she is taken

Boy #1oh, that sucks

Boy #2 i know right!
Jarilyn beautiful great person but sassy and sweet!
by September 21, 2018
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A yellow-haired monkey, related to bush and howler monkeys.
The jarilyn picked lice from the backs of other howler monkeys in her pack.
by pwally May 07, 2010
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