A Jared padalecki is a rare species of

half moose half Hansome god. You will see him mostly eating candy. He is secretly 5. He loves put prechewed gum on people's countertops so check him at the door. He delicate so protect him at all times. If you want to summon him you will need the following.

1. 2 cheeseburger with lettuce and tomato don't forget I repeat don't forget the mustart or it won't work

2. An nintendo switch or any type

3. Candy and about 3 pounds of it

4. His bff Jensen

Complete this steps and you can summon you a Jared padalecki

PS. Don't loose his shoe it makes him sad
That girl is being a Jared padalecki eating all that candy
by Padalecki's army June 12, 2018
A very sexy actor with a nice body on him.
He was born July 19, 1982 in San Antonio, Texas.

He played Dean Forester in Gilmore Girls, Wade in House of Wax, Clay Miller in Friday the 13th, and more importantly, he plays Sam Winchester in Supernatural which comes on the CW on Fridays.
Girl 1: What are you watching?
Girl 2: Supernatural.
Girl 1: It looks creepy
Girl 2: No shit, it's about demons and the apocalypse
Girl 1: Then why are you watching it.
Girl 2: Okay, you see that long haired one?
Girl 1: Mhmm, he's hot.
Girl 2: His name is Jared Padalecki, HE'S why I'm watching this.
Girl 1: Dude, did he just take off his shirt?
Girl 2: GEEZUS!! *dies*
by TurboJetNinjaKitteh March 2, 2011
Girl 1: Did you see that massive moose run by?

Girl 2: Oh, that was just Jared Padalecki...
by corksoakerr February 23, 2011
a destructive numb nuts man-child with female hair
"you see that tall guy popping up in the crowd over there?"
"yeah, what about him?"
"jared padalecki. he puts chewed gum on peoples countertops"
by iamjustarandomperson August 14, 2019