Only the limited edition and baddest bitches are born on this day.
WOW Sarah is so cool she was born on July 19th.
by owouwuoweoe October 18, 2019
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International Cuddle Day!! Give a cuddle to anyone who needs it!!
You: “Hey, random person, you look sad, do you need a cuddle
Random Person: “I don’t know you...”
You: “ It’s July 19, international cuddle day, and you look in need of one”
by gh0styyyy22 July 19, 2021
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The day when the best friends in the world are born. If you know someone who was born on this day, suck up to them quick. Because once you meet them, you never want to lose them, they are the absolute best people in the world 💞❤😬💜💛💚💙💘💝💖💗💓💟
Girl 1: was she born on July 19??
Girl 2: hell yeah!!! Lets go over to her
by HermioneGrangerLovesTigers October 26, 2019
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Only the realest motherfuckers are born on July 19th. Any other birthday is inferior, with few exceptions, like October 19th. If you were born in July 19th and came here to settle a bet, the other person who’s disagreeing should get motorboated by a porcupine.
Holy shit Joe’s hot, must be because he’s born on July 19th!

Who’s Joe
Joe fuckin Momma lmao
by zfin87 November 1, 2019
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July 19, is the day that the shyist and kind people are born. Lots of people born on this day are short for a long period of time. These people like to stay with there friends and also don't like competitors who try to take there friends away.
July 19, is the day that I was born and my friend was born on this day to, so we felt the same about this.
by TheJuly19th November 14, 2019
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The day the Ice Age ended.
Person 1: Why does July 19 sound important?
Person 2: Is that the day the Ice Age ended?
by Alexicographerofsomesort November 17, 2019
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Girl: grabs dick
July 19th is the best day for boys
by Bevster October 16, 2019
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