Japped: VERB - Past tense. To be completely and totally surprised by an event. An event that takes you off guard. An event that you would normally expect to know about in advance. Generally the event has some negative impact. Although it has been reported as such; race has no bearing. In fact you can be "japped" by anyone or anything.
Duck Hunter #1: (referring to the ducks that just flew over his head from behind) "Woah! Those Teal japped the hell out of us!"
Duck Hunter #2: "No shit! I didn't see or hear them until they were 40 yards out over the decoys!"

SpongeBob: "Squidward really japped us by inviting us on this cruise with him, huh Patrick?"
Patrick: "duhhhhhhh, what?"
by STS1SS August 06, 2007
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To get fucked up by someone or something.

From the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.
Dude, you got japped.
by Jack Burton October 02, 2004
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1. to get screwed by someone or something, to totally get the wrong side of the deal.

2. when a japanese person does something to you or to gain an advantage.
I got totally and utterly japped on that deal.

Mr. Woo totally japped his way to the top spot in the company.
by the great dick cheney October 22, 2004
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When people throw paper air planes in your face.
"I can't believe he japped me in class...the paper plane cut my face"
by Handy MOMO February 27, 2009
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Japped -
When you are crazy about someone no matter the circumstances!
Damn, she’s still japped over him, it’s been months!
by Sherealraw February 25, 2019
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