A massage technique originating from Japan. This massage involves the massager using her feet to, essentially, step on the person's body, for soothing purposes of course.
"My girlfriend gives great Japanese-massages. ^.^ her massages make me horny so much that I wanna massage her pussy. ^-^"

PS : Not Japanese-massage her pussy; I mean, like, rubbing it with my hands and stuff, to the point where I can stroke her clitoris with my fingers and listen to her hot, sexy, pleasurable moanings. ^.^ ^.^ ^.^
by Dave May 1, 2004
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You put a foot into your partners rectum while they do a sudoku
I was talking to Mary the other day and she mentioned that she and John had begun experimenting with a "Japanese foot massage"
by jpm1-hopfgarten January 27, 2023
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