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A Janoskianator is a dedicated true fan to the Janoskians. Most Janoskianators own a Tumblr and they are the most amazing fan base that anyone could ever have. Janoskianators aren't judgmental people and are always willing to except new people into the fandom, they're very kind people and will do anything they can to help out a fellow Janoskianator in need. They're basically the best people to fangirl over the boys with.
Janoskians: I love our Janoskianators.
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The definition of an Janoskianator is a fan base of girls and boys, mostly girls who #Fangirl over the #janoskians a comedy/prank group from melbourne australia. There named slu+ 's and welcome everybody new into there #fanbase. Resently done a World tour #NotABoyband. They use the saying; haters gonna hate potatoes gonna potate tomatoes gonna tomate dogs gonna bark. Known from youtube!
Wow arnt the Janoskians great to their janoskianators!
by witty June 07, 2013
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