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Consisting of Beau Brooks, Daniel Sahyounie, Jai Brooks, James Yammouni, and Luke Brooks. They are 5 guys from Melbourne, Australia who never seem to get embarrassed. They prance around the streets of Melbourne being funny, pulling pranks and making strangers feel very uncomfortable.
Person 1 "Hey have you seen the Janoskians on youtube?"
Person 2 "Yeah! They are hilarious., everyone should check them out!"
Luke Brooks "Haters gonna hate. Potatoes gonna potate. Tomatoes gonna tomate." Beau Brooks "Dogs are gonna bark."
by JanoskianFan1 December 30, 2011
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5 sexy mother fucking YouTube Legends from Australia named James Yammouni, Luke Brooks, Beau Brooks, Jai Brooks and Daniel Sahyounie. They go around the streets of Melbourne, doing pranks and making others in the area feel extremely uncomfortable. They have teamed up with YouTube Sensation Teddy to create another YouTube channel, Dare Sundays, in which they do dares sent in by their fans, and starred in a music video by Faydee; Forget The World. They have been signed by Sony, and now have their own single 'Set This World On Fire', which is the best mother fucking single in the world.
"Have you seen the Janoskians new video!?"
"Yes! Haha, it was hilarious!"

'Haters gonna hate,
potatos gonna potate,
tomatos gonna tomate,
dogs are gonna bark'

'We DO NOT sing. If you want to hear someone singing, look up Justin Bieber, cause that guy's a fucking legend'
- Beau Brooks

My future husbands <3
by Luke Brooks' Future Wife. October 06, 2012
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A Janoskian is a sex move where a male receives four dicks in his anus at once.
That guy is so loose he can get a Janoskian
by weeeeeeerp November 04, 2012
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A group of 5 Australian guys from YouTube who do not fail to make a person laugh and smile. They are sweet and care for their fans. Nothing says perfection like Janoskians.

They can make a person smile without a doubt and will always be flawless humans.
girl: guess who I love?
friend: who?
girl: Janoskians!
by UKJanoskians May 26, 2012
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An awesome Australian pop band.Consist of 5 members.They are so awesome and you need to listen to there music.But ladies back off Jai Brooks is mine.If you haven't listened to these people then do it soon.You will fall in love with them right away.They are very hot and you do not wanna miss out on seeing them.
"Have you seen the Janoskians!?"
"Yes!They are so amazing!Plus there hot!"
by rockinchick June 12, 2015
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"Janoskians" is a popular act of oral and anal simulation, it consists of five sexual partners in total. Two partners start by inserting their penises into the other's anus, and thus it becomes a competition on who is able to squeeze it in first. The two remaining parters then attempt to stick their penises into the other's nostrils. The idea is to look as silly and gay as possible.

What You Will Need: A snapback, tri-pod and camera, a fringe, lip-piercing, vans (ask your parents, they're ok with it!) a foul mouth, add a hint of arrogance, and lastly, don't forget to upload it on YouTube, tagged "The Janoskians".

And remember, this popular position teaches us that it's totally cool to be a d*ckhead!
"Hey mate, what're those guys doing on the train with a camera?"

"Oh, they're probably doing the "Janoskians"."
by lodjfncmko December 19, 2012
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