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Janira is a person that speaks her mind does not like to hold alot of things back , Janira is a smart ,weird ,unique person and evryone adore her.
Janira makes everyone happy and makes the room full of joy ,
Janira is very beautiful , she has her mean and roud ways but she is just maybe having a bad day

Janira is a creative spolied brat

She does not play about her hair

And she is not good with friends either
by Hailey thomas November 19, 2017
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Janira is a typical short , thick , pretty person. She likes to laugh and joke around. She's very sensitive and takes all her relationships seriously. She had dress game and can be a tom boy and a girly girl. She loves to sing and dance. She is a very big baby who sleeps all day.
"Oh I would like to be with Janira!"
"Everybody loves Janira I wish I was her "
by coolfo July 16, 2017
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janira is a very trustwothy and funny guy, he is a good person, he is honest, he has beautiful hair and he is very good on bed, he is a good person but he sometimes tends to do bad things because of his friends.
Janira is sexy
by alec koshki May 10, 2018
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